Zirconium-89 (89Zr)

Zirconium-89 is employed in specialized applications using PET imaging, for example, with 89Zr-labeled antibodies (immuno-PET). Proteins and antibodies can be easily labelled with 89Zr using off-the-shelf chelates, and subsequently applied in preclinical and clinical immuno-PET settings. We have been successfully producing GMP-compliant 89Zr for the research community since 2003.

  • AVAILABILITY: Monday production with calibration on Thursday and Thursday production with calibration on Monday
  • CALIBRATION: 6:00 pm, CET
  • PACKAGING: 0.9 ml clear plastic NENSure vial
  • ORDERING: Perkin Elmer is the exclusive distributor for Zirconium-89 of BV Cyclotron VU.