Lead shielding container in close-up The sign reads Fludeocyglucose 18F IBA 185 MBgml Toepassing voor Injectie
Three Type A transport containers red green blue (Lead and Tungsten)

Type A Transport Container

Our new lead container improves the overall experience of logistics. It is much easier to handle than other containers. We developed an all new ergonomic design together with renowned Dutch designers. The new container was awarded the “Good Industrial Design Award“ in the Netherlands 2010. The container has been TÜV- certified for safe transportation of radioactive materials in vials or small containers by road, air, sea and inland waterways. In 2008, we set out to develop a new lead container which would improve both our own operations – the production of radiopharmaceuticals – and the user-friendliness for our end-customers. Besides ergonomic demands, other strict safety requirements had to be met.

Together with Mascal Design and Albert van Dorssen industrial & strategic design website, we designed and engineered a new container that was awarded with an industrial design prize in the Netherlands in 2010 (Goed Industrieel Ontwerp – GIO), Good Industrial Design Award).

Lead or Tungsten
The shielded container is made of lead or tungsten, and can be used in combination with the external case for safe transportation of vials containing radioactive substances, by road or air.
The cylindrical body and top are made of lead of 30 mm thickness in all directions. On request, the container can be made of tungsten as well.

The interior is treated with a layer of Niflon (a composite of nickel-PTFE), and is cone-shaped for easy loading of the vials . We can customize the interior cavity to the dimensions of your vial by fitting an insert into it.

The exterior is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), an impact-proof polymer shell . The container is equipped with a built-in handle to enable easy manipulation.
The body and top are attached with a single rotation, and the container is locked by pushing the handle down (watch this movie).

The lockup is equipped with an O-ring seal that ensures perfect tightness.
The new container, together with the outer case, complies with all the requirements for safe transportation of radioactive materials in vials or small containers, by road, air, sea, and inland waterways (Type A packaging). Container and outer-case together were certified by TÜV Rheinland Nederland.

Container specifications

Shielding material: 30 mm Pb in all directions
Outside dimensions: 110 mm diameter
117 mm over the grip
178 mm height
Internal dimensions: 34 mm diameter
65 mm height
Weight: 8.4 kg

Outer case specifications
The outer case has a bucket shape and consists of a hood and a belly. The hood and the belly can be connected by a single turn thread and can be secured by a seal.
The inside shock absorber is made of EPP and designed to stand the 9 m dropping test without damaging the shielded container.

Hood diameter: 340 mm
Top diameter: 330 mm
Total height: 300 mm
Bottom diameter: 260 mm
Total weight (case and lead container): 10.2 kg

Radiation safety and transport specifications (lead container)

Maximum shipping activity Transport category External radiation level
6.50 GBq (174 mCi) II-YELLOW <0.5 mSv/h
26.0 GBq (700 mCi) III-YELLOW <2 mSv/h
130 GBq (3.5 Ci) III-YELLOWb <10 mSv/h

Download fact sheet.

Radiation safety and transport specifications (tungsten container)

Maximum shipping activity Transport category External radiation level
F-18 . .
70 GBq (1.9 Ci) II-YELLOW < 0.5 mSv/h
300 GBq (8.1 Ci) III-YELLOW <2mSv/h
1600 GBq (43 Ci) III-YELLOWb <10mSv/h
Zr-89 . .
2.5 GBq (67 mCi) II-YELLOW < 0.5 mSv/h
10 GBq (270 mCi) III-YELLOW <2mSv/h
50 GBq (1.4 Ci) III-YELLOWb <10mSv/h
I-124 . .
2.5 GBq (67 mCi) II-YELLOW <0.5mSv/h
10 GBq (270 mCi) III-YELLOW <2mSv/h
50 GBq (1.4 Ci) III-YELLOWb <10mSv/h

Download fact sheet.

Fact sheets
Lead: download our fact sheet for the lead container here.
Tungsten: download our fact sheet for the Tungsten container here.

Where to buy
To order the transport container, contact our distribution partner Von Gahlen.

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