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Our People

Please find below the list of our staff. Feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Erik van Lier
Chief executive officer

 portrait icon S.
Head of finances and logistics

Please contact Johan van Westendorp for all questions concerning Logistics

 Maria Vosjan PhD
Operations Manager
Responsible of all operational processes within the company.

 Monique Bot
Head of productions
Contact Monique Bot for all questions concerning Production
Arnold Spaans
Product Specialist
Contact Arnold Spaans for questions
relating to [18F]FCH,[18F]NeuraCeq, I-124 and Zr-89.

Ger Molenaar
Product Specialist
Responsible for FDG product optimisation.

 Ilona Heerdt
Qualified person in quality assurance and quality control

Contact Ilona Heerdt for all questions concerning Quality Assurance and Quality Control

 karin hertgers
Radiation safety officer

Please contact Karin Hertgers - van Zuuk for all questions concerning radiation safety

 Jeroen Groeneweg
Head of cyclotron engineering

 Roel mooij
R & D Product manager - devices

Contact Roel Mooij for our new transport container or other devices

 Henk Stolker
Head of work & safety and facility affairs

Please contact Henk Stolker for all questions concerning Facility

 Bart Vogelaar
Logistics assistant manager

Please contact Bart Vogelaar for all questions concerning Press issues