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Roel Mooij
Job Title:
Chief engineer; Manager R&D Cyclotron and Targetry
+31 (0) 20 4449125

Mr. Mooij has worked with the Cyclotron from its very beginning, in 1986. His career started in 1972, as a precision engineer at the biological department. He later switched over to the physical department, marking the beginning of his long-term relationship – and hobby – the Cyclotron.

Mr. Mooij is a member of the management team, a developer of cyclotron applications, and a designer of targets and dispensing facilities, with the goal of increasing reliability and performance. His latest projects included the new lead shielded transport container and type A collo, a dispensing unit for radioactive fluids, and the Amsterdam solid target irradiation facility.

Currently, Mr. Mooij is involved in the creation of the right technical conditions and factory layout for the future installations of BV Cyclotron VU, inside the new VU imaging building.