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Monique Bot |

Name: Monique Bot
Job Title: Head of Production
Tel: +31 (0) 20 4449122

Ms. Bot has been working at the Cyclotron for 23 years. As head of production, she is responsible for the manufacturing process of radiochemicals and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals. Currently, she is also involved in the project of manufacturing R&D products to attend commercial purposes.

In her opinion, what is best about BV Cyclotron VU is its constant investment in the development of new products, and the new challenges that consequently arise. Her motivation is the daily challenge of manufacturing products according to GMP rules, and having them reach the customers in time.

Ms. Bot graduated as an MLO in 1988. In the same year, she assumed a position as chemical analyst at the Cyclotron, being responsible for the production of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals. In 1995, she became head of pharmaceutical production at BV Cyclotron VU, with the production of radiochemicals being added to her responsibilities.

In her free time, Ms. Bot is a bird-watcher and enjoys spending time in nature, reading books and watching movies.