MD Maria interviewed by Amsterdam UMC

Last week our Managing Director Maria Vosjan was interviewed by Amsterdam UMC. With pride, we share a translation of the Dutch article:

“Hidden in the basement of the Imaging Center Amsterdam UMC is BV Cyclotron VU, a company that produces radioactive diagnostics with the use of a particle accelerator (=cyclotron). This “small factory”, as director Maria Vosjan describes it, diagnoses up to 60.000 patients on a yearly basis. How exactly? A radioactive material made with the particle accelerator is bound to a sugar, glucose. This is injected into the patients, after which they receive a PET-scan. Hereby, the physician can detect tumors or metastases. Besides that, zirconium, another radioactive material, can also be bound to medicines instead of glucose, to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment, e.g., chemotherapy for breast cancer patients. By coupling the radioactive material to the chemotherapy, it is possible to see if the chemotherapy reaches the disease.”

Amsterdam UMC interview

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