Meet the Team: Dr. Maria Vosjan

“A Pharma Company with Roots in Academics”

‘A pharma company with roots in academics is a very interesting combination,’ declares Maria Vosjan. As Operations Manager at BV Cyclotron VU, Maria is member of the Management Team and responsible for all operational processes within the company. She’s also involved in the implementation of new tracers and is ensuring a smooth transition to the new Imaging Center at the VUmc.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

‘Aligning all staff to change the culture and the way of working, so we can supply enough product and deliver it on time.’

What makes you feel your job has an impact on patients’ lives?

‘My job ensures smooth operations to maximize the chances for patients to get a thorough diagnosis and to be treated on time and in the right way. We will have a larger production capacity in the Imaging Center to fulfil patients’ needs.’

What makes you proud to be part of the team?

‘BV Cyclontron VU is a unique company in a niche market. We deliver very specific products. It’s a group effort and everybody is proud to work here. We’re an enthusiastic and professional team. ‘

What is BV Cyclotron VU future?

‘We are a professional company in a state of the art building, with state of the art equipment. We can easily adjust our portfolio to customers’ needs. We deal even more professionally with our customers. And keep on being a reliable partner for hospitals.’

Why do you deliver your products via distributors?

‘Because transport and distribution of radiochemical products is regulated. We are lucky to have such capable distribution partners who do the job really well. We join forces to get the product on time on a daily basis.’

How will the new facility impact your role?

‘Once the new operations and processes are implemented, I will have more time to focus on adding new products to our portfolio.’

To what extend will closer collaboration with nuclear medicine physicians, pharmacists and researchers impact your business?

‘We will have direct contact with end users. We will hear their needs first hand and will be able to adjust our production schedule and portfolio accordingly.’

Who do you find the most inspiring personality in your industry, and why?

‘Prof. Guus van Dongen without a doubt. He’s never stressed out. He always encouraged me in my professional life. And I hope I can as well encourage others to never quit until the target is reached.’

Contact: Dr. Maria Vosjan