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Our Products

BV Cyclotron VU produces a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals and research products for the nuclear medicine community. These products range from PET tracers to on-demand, tailor-made products for research or clinical use.

Our portfolio contains eight products, with a current production output of 35,000 patient doses per year. With three cyclotrons and several GMP hot labs, we are one of the best-equipped centers for the production of radiopharmaceuticals in the Benelux region, and the first commercial manufacturer of GMP-compliant zirconium-89 and iodine-124 in the world. Our expert team ensures operational safety of the cyclotrons and the highest possible product quality.

By 2017 we will have further enhanced our position as a European leader in nuclear medicine research and product development by establishing a new cyclotron facility and expanding our production. This facility is planned as part of the VUmc Imaging Center.

Our products:
Zirconium-89 for radiolabeling arrow
Iodine-124 for radiolabeling arrow
Sodium Iodide [124I for injection arrow]
18F-Fludeoxyglucose arrow
18F-Fluoromethylcholine arrow
18F-Florbetaben (Neuraceq) arrow
KryptoscanTM: 81Rb/81mKr Generator arrow
Type A Transport Container: Lead and Tungsten arrow

Production Schedule
Due to radioactive decay times, which can range from several hours to a few days, timing is everything. We have a tight production schedule, which is planned in November for the whole following calendar year.

See herearrow the most recent production schedule for all our products.

BV Cyclotron VU is a global health science company that produces radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals for medical diagnostics and research. Located at the campus of VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, BV Cyclotron VU produces GMP-compliant medical isotopes in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They are used daily by pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories.