KryptoscanTM: 81Rb/81mKr GeneratorKryptoScanTM. It functions by the passing of environmental air over a mother-radionuclide - 81Rubidium (81Rb) - immobilized on a membrane. This results in elution of the daughter-radionuclide, Krypton (81m Kr).:

KryptoScanTM: 81Rb/81mKr Generator

KryptoScanTM is a radionuclide generator. The mother-radionuclide (Rubidium-81) is immobilized on a membrane, through which the daughter radionuclide (krypton-81m) is eluted with the passing of air.
Krypton-81m is ideally suited for lung ventilation studies. Its very short half-life results in a low radiation burden for the patient. With a gamma energy higher than that of 99mTc, it enables lung ventilation studies to be performed immediately after a perfusion study of the pulmonary vascular bed.

  • Packaging: Radionuclidic generator.
  • Availability: Dispensed Sunday-Thursday.
  • Calibration: 12:00 p.m. CET at day after production.

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Fact Sheet: KryptoScanTM: 81Rb/81mKr GeneratorDownload

Product Specification
Pharmaceutical form Radionuclidic generator
Available quantities 75 – 740 MBq per generator at calibration
Expiry 20 hours from time of calibration
Radionuclide purity 81Rb breakthrough: <50 Bq/GBq/L 81mKr

The gamma energy of 81mKr is higher than that of 99mTc. This enables the performance of lung ventilation studies immediately after a vascular pulmonary bed perfusion study with intravenously injected 99mTc macroaggregated albumin, without interference of the 99mTc gamma-rays throughout the study.

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