Profile: Johan van Westendorp

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: Johan van Westendorp       
Job title: Head of Finances and Logistics
Tel: +31 (0) 20 4449119

Mr. Van Westendorp has been working at BV Cyclotron VU for eight years. In this period he has been in charge of different positions. After working as a Controller for many years, he took over the responsibility of the logistics as well. His main job is supporting the production and logistic teams in order to get the products in time to the customers.

At the moment he is trying to receive the official status of "Known Shipper" for Cyclotron. His goal is to achieve a level in which the company will be completely independent in what concers logistic matters.

The best part of working at Cyclotron, according to Mr. Van Westendorp, is that the company provides a working environment which allows him to develop his talents and initiate new projects. Besides that, Cyclotron is investing constantly in new products that bring new challenges.

When he is not at the office, Mr. Van Westendorp enjoys playing tennis and volleyball. Besides playing, he coaches volleyball teams and is active in several sport associations.