Research started in 1964, commercial production since 1987

In 1964 a Philips 28 MeV AVF cyclotron became operational at the VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the start of nuclear physics research. Without knowing at the time this small group of committed people laid the foundation of BV Cyclotron VU. 

In 1986 the Dutch government decided that with the new large accelerators at CERN, there was no place for a particle accelerator in the Netherlands anymore. Not wanting to dismantle the cyclotron, a small group of engineers founded in 1987 BV Cyclotron VU and the company rapidly developed into a well-established producer of radiopharmaceuticals and radionuclides used in imaging techniques such as PET and SPECT.  

Currently, we run three modern cyclotrons and several GMP-compliant production units for production of our radiopharmaceuticals and GMP-compliant radionuclides. We employ about 30 people.   

BV Cyclotron VU will be part of the unique Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center and further develop into a state-of-the-art facilityThis new, exciting facility will play a crucial role in the successful and efficient development of novel diagnostic and drug therapies. With the support of BV Cyclotron VU, the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center will assist in developing novel tracers and testing new drug therapies for leading international biotech and pharmaceutical companies.