Over 30 years of professional experience

Founded in Amsterdam in 1987, BV Cyclotron VU has rapidly developed into a well-established specialty pharmaceutical company. We operate exclusively in the expanding field of nuclear medicine. The number of radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals we produce each year is growing steadily. 

Our customers are mainly nuclear medicine professionals who use our products for imaging techniques, such as PET and SPECT. The Dutch and international nuclear medicine community successfully uses our high-quality radionuclides in all stages of clinical care, from commercial usage to research purposes and clinical studies. Our strong emphasis on research and development indicates that our products are not limited to classic applications in oncology, but are also used to explore new fields such as neurology and cardiology. 

We currently employ about 40 people. Our portfolio contains six products, with a current production output of over 44.000 patient doses per year. With three cyclotrons and several GMP hot labs, we are one of the best-equipped centers for the production of radiopharmaceuticals in the Benelux region, and one of the first commercial manufacturers of GMP-compliant zirconium-89 in the world. By 2021 we will have further enhanced our position as a European leader in nuclear medicine research and product development by establishing a new facility and expanding our production capacity. This brand new state-of-the-art facility is part of the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center.

Our strict adherence to safety norms and our strong commitment to producing high-quality radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals has rightfully earned us the reputation of being an excellent and reliable manufacturing site, with a robust capacity and remarkably flexible production processes. 

Improving the life of patients
Driven by our passion to create products that help improve patients’ lives, our company is strongly committed to research and development: we invest most of our profit back into research. Located at the campus of the VU University Amsterdam and the Amsterdam UMC, we benefit from the collaboration with our neighboring research partners on a daily basis. With highly qualified specialists right next door, we dispose of an ideal environment for developing new products that are in tune with the very latest research findings in nuclear medicine. By carefully selecting our partners, we ensure our customers that our products comply with the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards. Our partners PerkinElmer and Curium Pharma guarantee the safe and reliable distribution of our products.  

As one of our core values, quality is not only reflected in our final products, but also in our production processes and the quality of our research. We have developed a tailored quality assurance and quality control system, together with our carefully selected distribution partners. Achieving maximum patient safety lies at the core of this system. Consequently, we manufacture in accordance with national and international safety norms and guidelines. We can assure our customers that our products comply with the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards.