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Von Gahlen

We have recently selected Von Gahlen as our partner in manufacturing our new transport container. Von Gahlen is a leading European manufacturer of lead shielding products. Since its establishment in 1973, Von Gahlen has been providing the nuclear medicine community with reliable, high-quality equipment for shielding radioactive materials.

The choice in favor of Von Gahlen was a logical one: the company has been providing us with hot cells, with lead shielding for our isotope production, for almost a decade now. So we know from firsthand experience that the manufacturing policy of the company always meets, and in most cases exceeds international industry standards and safety requirements. We value the way Von Gahlen has participated in our projects and we wanted to build on that relationship.

As the Dutch manufacturing plant from Von Gahlen is located in Zevenaar (just one hour away from our offices) both our technical staff and experts from Von Gahlen are able to collaborate very easily, with a great deal of flexibility. And it is essential for us to work with a partner that has extensive experience in all types of lead manufacturing processes. If any issues arise, we can count on having experts close by who have in-depth knowledge of such processes as casting, extrusion, and injection molding.

Thanks to our cooperation with Von Gahlen, our new transport container can now be ordered easily through their distribution networks.

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