Profile: Erik van Lier

Erik started his career in Nuclear Medicine radiochemistry research in 2001 focused on new tracer development and production efficiency. Erik played a key role in the development of the Canadian cyclotron facility market, where he co-led the formation of an Industry-Academia Network for cyclotron production of medical isotopes. His efforts led to a national cyclotron facility install base with sufficient capacity to ensure stable supply of medical isotopes. He was also involved in initiating clinical evaluation of new radiotracer. Throughout his career he has developed global markets and has managed complex international projects, from initial facility planning, design, quality control, regulatory affairs, to validation and site operations.

“I joined BV Cyclotron VU because I wanted to be a part of a company where I believed the possibilities were limitless. Today, I am even more convinced that BVC is that company,” said Erik van Lier. “Over the past 10 years, Perry Kruijer’s vision and leadership have built BVC into the most important PET Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing company in the Netherlands; a company fiercely committed to delivering quality for its customers and their patients, partners, and employees. Great opportunities lie ahead for BVC, as we prepare to move to state-of-the art new facilities at the VUmc Imaging Center Amsterdam to secure PET medical isotope supply for the country and innovate for years to come.”