Profile: Karin Hertgers

Name: Karin Hertgers – van Zuuk
Job Title: Radiation Safety Expert, Head (Radiation) safety and health
E-mail: “
Tel: +31 (0) 20 4449126

Born in Zwolle, the Netherlands, Karin Hertgers has been part of Cyclotron VU‘s staff since March 2012, where she is responsible for all (radiation) safety and health matters. Before starting at Cyclotron, she worked for 13 years as a radiographer and nuclear medicine technologist in several hospitals.

Karin finished her MBRT in Haarlem, in 1999, graduating with a Bachelor in Applied Science. In 2003, she obtained her degree as a Radiation Safety Worker – Level 3 from the University of Enschede. In 2017 she obtained her degree as a radiation safety expert (level 2)

For Karin, the best thing about working at Cyclotron VU is that every day brings new challenges, and new solutions.

In her free time, Karin enjoys traveling, reading books and spending time with her family.