Core Purpose and Values

All our products, services, and strategies evolve and improve over time. And in our cyclotrons, particles move at nearly the speed of light. However, some things at BV Cyclotron VU stay the same — for instance, our core purpose and core values.

Core Purpose
The ultimate purpose of our company is to help save peoples’ lives. That is why we produce radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with the latest quality standards. That is also why we invest a considerable amount of time and energy into developing new radiopharmaceuticals and setting up the production of radionuclides. That is why we believe that pushing nuclear medicine research forward by reinvesting in research is the most essential part of what we do.

Core Values
Especially in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, one cannot ignore issues such as patient health and safety. But safety is not just an issue for the patient — we also care a great deal about the safety of our own staff, and the environment. That translates into two concrete fields of operation: quality and capacity.

We are strongly committed, not only to meeting national and international safety and quality regulations for manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals, but also to paying particular attention to quality management in every single production step. Three principles underlie the manufacturing processes that result in our safe, high-quality products and services:

Quality assurance: we have developed an effective quality assurance system, protecting our products against contamination as well as our operators and the environment against radiation. Internal staff regularly monitor production facilities for microbiological quality.
Quality control: trained technical staff apply constant validation, analytical testing, and detailed documentation to starting materials as well as our final products.
High-quality equipment: using a total of four cyclotrons, three of which have been designed and produced by our long-established partner Curium, we use exclusively high-quality equipment.

Flexible Capacity
We have four cyclotrons and several hot labs for producing our range of radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals. Because of our large production capacity, our highly skilled people, and our cutting-edge knowledge, we are able to develop and manufacture new products for the research market in a matter of months. This makes flexibility one of our core values and strengths.

Tailor-Made Products
Regular contact with our research partners provides us with the ability to customize our products so that they meet the needs of our clients. We are eager to share our expertise in finding tailor-made solutions with the nuclear medicine community.