building of Cyclotron on the campus of VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam:


VUmc is set to become the leading imaging center within the European Advanced Translational Infrastructure in Medicine (EATRIS), an EU initiative to improve Europe’s competitiveness in drug development.

EATRIS has been set up to provide research infrastructure through a consortium of top research and clinical institutions with the aim of boosting the pharmaceutical pipeline. Cutting-edge technologies in academia, covering the entire production and development of tracers and molecular imaging, are available for both preclinical and clinical studies. They make it possible to create customized solutions for predicting the efficacy of new therapies, and to develop disease-specific tracers and contrast agents.

EATRIS means faster and more efficient translation of basic research into innovative products. It provides access to the world’s leading experts and to the highly capital-intensive, state-of-the-art facilities residing in Europe’s top translational research centers and hospitals.

BV Cyclotron VU will contribute to EATRIS by allocating experienced individuals in scientific and administrative issues — experts on regulatory and legal issues, quality management and technology transfer, and scientists in various disciplines. We will cooperate with other specialists, such as radiologists, physicists, chemists, toxicologists, pharmacists, physicians, veterinarians, and epidemiologists. The EATRIS project managers will work together with this range of brilliant professionals and oversee a detailed roadmap for each project, as well as liaise with the relevant authorities and other EATRIS centers.