VUmc Imaging Center

In just a few years time, the doors will open to a fully integrated, state-of-the-art imaging site. This new, exciting facility will allow us to gain deeper insight into the structures and functions of the human body. It will play a crucial role in the successful and efficient development of novel diagnostic and drug therapies.

The facility will provide the following partners with a previously unfamiliar level of close cooperation:
• LaserLab Amsterdam
• Physics and Medical Technology
• BV Cyclotron VU
• Radiology
• Nuclear Medicine & PET Research

BV Cyclotron VU belongs to the network of imaging expertise at the VUmc Imaging Center. This center works closely with manufacturers of imaging technologies, such as Philips.
With the support of BV Cyclotron VU and IBA, the VUmc Imaging Center will assist in developing novel tracers and testing new drug therapies for leading international biotech and pharmaceutical companies. At the Imaging Center, our partners and us will participate in clinical studies in phase I/II trials, with the logistical and analytical support of organizations such as the Center for Human Drug Research (CHDR), EORTC, and the Image Analysis Center. The Imaging Center is also at the cutting edge of R & D in optical techniques with the assistance of LaserLab and LASERLAB Europe, a European research consortium comprising 17 centers.

Creating Synergies
The new center will facilitate the development of hybrid technologies that lie at the heart of innovation in imaging techniques. The new facility will also provide a patient care center where all imaging procedures will be performed in a healing and sustainable environment. By fusing the departments of Radiology and of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research, the true potential of hybrid imaging techniques for patients will be realized.

We are delighted about the new Imaging Center. In the words of our CEO, Erik van Lier: “the Imaging Center is the once-in-a-lifetime change of our core business operations”.

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