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INMiND - Imaging of Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases - is an international project within Europe, aiming at the collaborative research on molecular mechanisms linking neuroinflammation to neurodegeneration. The goal of INMiND is to identify novel biological targets of neuroinflammation for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and to translate this knowledge into clinical application and patient benefit. The European Commission decided in April 2011 to fund the FP7 large-scale integrating project.

The general objectives of INMiND are the following: to identify novel mechanisms of regulation and function of microglia under various conditions (inflammatory stimuli, neurodegenerative and regenerative model systems); to identify and implement new targets for activated microglia, which may serve for diagnostic (imaging) and therapeutic purposes; to design new molecular probes (tracers) for these novel targets, and to implement and validate them in vivo; and to visualize and quantify modulated microglia activity in patients with mild cognitive impairment undergoing immune therapy, and to relate the findings to clinical outcomes.

With its standard of excellence, the INMiND consortium will play a major role in the European Research Area, and may gain European leadership in the creation of new image-guided diagnoses and therapy paradigms in patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Principal Investigators:

Andreas JACOBS, Münster (DE)
Adriana MAGGI, Milano (IT)
Ludwig AIGNER, Salzburg (AT)
Denis GUILLOTEAU, Tours (FR)
Silvio AIME, Torino (IT)
Anna PLANAS, Barcelona (ES)
Annemie VAN DER LINDEN, Antwerp (BE)
Bertrand TAVITIAN, Orsay (FR)
Adriaan LAMMERTSMA, Amsterdam (NL)
Karl HERHOLZ, Manchester (UK)
Herve BOUTIN, Manchester (UK)
Daniela PERANI, Milano (IT)
Christer HALLDIN, Stockholm (SE)
Agneta NORDBERG, Stockholm (SE)
Koen VAN LAERE, Leuven (BE)
Veerle BAEKELANDT, Leuven (BE)
Gitte KNUDSEN, Copenhagen (DK)
Sabina PAPPATA, Naples (IT)
Juha RINNE, Turku (FI)
Clive Holmes, Southampton (UK)
Federico RONCAROLI, London (UK)
David BROOKS, London (UK)
Michael KASSIOU, Sydney (AU)
Miklos KELLERMAYER, Budapest (HU)
Michael HENNEKA, Bonn (DE)
Andrea BISERNI, Lodi (IT)
Lars PERK, Amsterdam (NL)
Camilla CAVALLOTTI, Novara (IT)
Mohammad ALAVIJEH, London (UK)
Domokos MATHE, Budapest (HU)
Lars Christian RONN, Ballerup (DK)