Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research

Our collaboration with the department of Nuclear Medicine and PET Research is not merely a result of our proximity. We also support the department in terms of staffing, and our teams are closely interlinked through the products we manufacture.

Together with the Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research, we are able to develop new radiopharmaceuticals for PET and SPECT. Our collective expertise ranges from radionuclide production to new tracer development, preclinical evaluation, and clinical use of new and existing tracers.

Radionuclide Center (RNC)
The department has its very own radiopharmaceutical research, development, and production site, called the Radionuclide Center (RNC). The Dutch Health Care Inspectorate recently completed an inspection of the premises, and it successfully received a license to manufacture tracers for human use according to the latest EU guidelines. We provide the RNC with a range of radionuclides, such as 11C, ["[18f]" not found], 89Zr, and 124I, which are then used to produce radiotracers for research purposes and clinical studies. RNC produces over 30 different tracers, which are used internally at VUmc and in other hospitals within the region.

The Nuclear Medicine & PET Research department collaborates with several research centers and opinion leaders in the field of molecular imaging. It is the center of choice for Boehringer Ingelheim, Covidien, Johnson & Johnson, Curium Pharma, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Philips, Ablynx, Sanofi-aventis, Macrocyclics, and Novartis.