Profile: Maria Vosjan" />

Profile: Maria Vosjan

Name: Maria Vosjan
Job Title: Operations Manager
Tel: +31 (0) 20 4449141 Born in Ommen, the Netherlands, Maria Vosjan is the newest addition to the staff at Cyclotron. In the company since May 2012, she is the corresponding partner for all issues related to Zirconium-89 (89Zr) and Iodine-124 (124I) within Cyclotron’s R&D team. Ms. Vosjan is the main contact for researchers and pharmaceutical companies who are interested in 89Zr or 124I. Her tasks also include advising new customers on the use of these radionuclides, especially its application in ImmunoPET. She also coordinates the 89Zr Training.

Besides the longer-lived PET isotopes, Ms. Vosjan is also involved in the implementation of new 18F tracers and in the development of new cyclotron targets. In 2000, Ms. Vosjan finished her Higher Laboratory Education, graduating as a Bachelor in Biochemistry in Enschede, the Netherlands. Later, she was a PhD student at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as part of Prof. Guus van Dongen’s group. In 2012, she successfully defended her thesis: “Nanobody constructs, targeting growth factors and their receptors, for PET imaging and cancer therapy”. It is within this project that Ms. Vosjan performed detailed research on the application of 89Zr in Immuno-PET. In her free time, Ms. Vosjan is a cello player in a symphony orchestra, and also enjoys playing snooker. To keep in shape, she rides her race bike and takes spinning classes at the gym.