Radiochemicals for research and clinical use

BV Cyclotron VU is a global health science company that produces radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals for medical diagnostics and research. Located at the campus of VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Cyclotron VU produces GMP- compliant medical isotopes in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These products are used daily by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories.

Florbetaben is able to detect a form of beta-amyloid plaque that develops early in a brain affected by Alzheimer's disease

6/7/2015: Significant Florbetaben uptake in the frontal and posterior cingulate cortices was found in new PET scans. The new technology might enable the detection of Alzheimer's disease in its early stages. arrow

Our GMP-certificate has been successfully renewed

29/6/2015: Our new GMP-certificate reflects the status of our manufacturing site. Our customers can continue to rely fully on our high-quality, clinical grade production of radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals for medical diagnostics and research. arrow

89Zr-immuno-PET for imaging of long circulating drugs and disease targets

21/4/2015: A useful overview of the reagents, labeling protocols, quality tests and critical steps necessary to obtain high-quality 89Zr-conjugates. arrow

We are hiring!

11/2/2015: We have currently two exciting new job offers: a cyclotron operator mechanic and a cyclotron operator electronic engineer. arrow

89Zr-bevacizumab PET scans successfully visualizes tumor lesions in 22 patients

17/12/2014: 89Zr-bevacizumab PET scans enabled the visualization of 125 evaluable tumor lesions. This shows that tumor uptake of 89Zr-bevacizumab is high in mRCC, with great inter- and intra-patient heterogeneity. arrow

New study shows immuno-PET with (89)Zr-2109A can detect acute changes in STEAP1 expression

17/12/2014: The findings suggest that the efforts to image PCa patients with (89)Zr-2109A should be expanded to maximize the clinical benefit associated with antibodies or antibody-drug conjugates to STEAP1. arrow

BV Cyclotron VU provides 18F-NeuraCeq to a large clinical trial of Alzheimer’s Disease

17/12/2014: With a cohort of 500 patients, the trial is a large effort to enable the (cost-)effective application of MRI, CSF, and PET diagnostic tests for Alzheimers Disease. arrow

Pilot study applies PET/CT imaging with 18F-Fluorocholine

20/10/2014: Localizing hyperfunctioning parathyroid tissue in primary hyperparathyroidism is now possible with PET/CT using 18F-fluorocholine. arrow

Immuno-PET imaging using 89Zr-huJ591 for lesion detection in patients with advanced metastatic prostate cancer

15/10/2014: PET imaging with 89Zr-huJ591 is safe and presents good localization of the disease in prostate cancer patients. arrow

New trial promises revolution in children’s diagnosis of neuroblastoma by Iodine-124 imaging

14/10/2014: The Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development (CDD)]announced a new trial that promises a revolution in the diagnosis of children with neuroblastoma. arrow

89Zr-PET using different mAbs to detect the effects of a HSP90 inhibitor in patients with metastatic breast cancer

14/10/2014: Clinical Cancer Research has recently published the results of a clinical trial on 89Zr-PET imaging in metastatic breast cancer, carried out in the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London (United Kingdom). arrow

Study harmonizes 89Zr-PET/CT performance in multicenter studies

20/10/2014: Researchers from the Medical Center of the VU University, Amsterdam, have recently carried out a multicenter evaluation to make the performance of PET/CT procedures using 89Zr uniform across different sites. Their positive results have just been published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine arrow

Everolimus decreases the uptake of 89Zr-bevacizumab by neuroendocrine tumors

5/7/2014: In a joint effort, researchers from various departments at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, have recently shown that everolimus, a drug currently used in the treatment of diverse cancer types, reduces the uptake of 89Zr-labeled bevacizumab in patients with neuroendocrine tumors arrow

BV Cyclotron to produce 18F-NeuraCeq™ for the Dutch market in cooperation with Piramal and IBA Molecular

23/1/2014: Piramal Imaging SA has recently announced the recommended approval of its investigational imaging agent NeuraCeq ™ (Florbetaben 18F) in the EU. For the Dutch market, BV Cyclotron will produce18F-NeuraCeq ™ in cooperation with Piramal and IBA Molecular. arrow